We, at the Creative Wellness Center, offer a diverse selection of natural health services that are quite unique and effective. Combining different modalities and correlating all of our findings set the basis of our evaluation for the stressors affecting your health and state of well- being. Those harmful interferences may be chemical / nutritional, structural / physical, or emotional / energetic in nature.  You may be experiencing symptoms stemming from one or a combination of several of these interferences. Once identifying the source of your health issue, a customized treatment program is recommended by us, as per your specific needs, focusing primarily on the systemic obstacles and then fine-tuning the rest. We thus address the root causes affecting the functioning of the entire body; with teamwork it is possible to eliminate the stressor(s) for good. Our objective is simply about balancing the whole system naturally in as many areas as we possibly can.  We basically rid the body of a toxic load it may be carrying, eliminate sensitivities (if any), nourish the cells with the nutrients for which they may be starving, and align your spine for optimum nerve function, if called for. Once balance and harmony are attained internally, the body is given a chance to work optimally as originally designed. Good health is all about that wellness state called homeostasis.  Achieving that desirable state requires both commitment and patience on the individual's part, as well as consistency in order to undo or reverse damage(s) done to the body so far, if not too late.  We are committed to treating you as a unique individual in a holistic manner, making sure your health concerns are dealt with in the best possible way we know how.  Our goal is to have you experience the utmost care, here in our practice of Natural Health Care, and to attain good results in the shortest amount of time possible.
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