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Dr. Michael Martin, DC, NMD Dr. Martin has been practicing chiropractic diligently since 1970 with a huge following.  He has been licensed to practice in more than one state at a time for the most part. His unique training in that field and outstanding ability to help his patients, have placed him in a high rank among his peers and earned him the reputation he has today.  His constant endeavors to learn more, and adding that which he has learnt to his practice, has expanded his horizons into being a step ahead and a notch above in his field. His practice includes a variety of energetic medicine applications that are helpful for a myriad of conditions. Dr. Martin’s exclusive knowledge, kindness and professionalism with his patients have played a pivoting role in this flourishing one-of-a-kind solid practice, built primarily on referrals.  Patients are not limited to local areas only, some fly in or drive from out of state to receive his services.  His acquisition of certifications in a multitude of related fields has made it possible for him to apply different modalities of natural health-care, some of which are hard to find today, even nationwide.  Dr. Martin, being an all around chiropractor today, does not rest on his laurels; he still keeps on adding to his wealth of diverse expertise and keeps up with what’s new.  Dr. Christine Andonian,  N.D., C.N.H.P.,  L.D.H.S., M.Sc. Dr. Andonian’s interest in the field of natural health was dramatically awakened in 2001 upon facing a challenging health crisis in her family. That very experience was a turning point in her life, as from then on she started embracing wholeheartedly the holistic approach in dealing with health issues.  The more she learned in that field the more she wanted to know; this eventually led to her decision of becoming a  practitioner in the field of natural health. Her firm belief that most health imbalances have poor digestion as the core issue was a determining factor in her consequently becoming a digestive health specialist. She further pursued her studies while practicing and obtained her degree as a doctor of naturopathy. She has been practicing as a certified natural health professional since 2008 and as a board certified naturopathic doctor since 2016, with quite impressive results. She continues to further her knowledge in this field with great passion by attending conventions and reading on a daily basis.   By nature Dr. Andonian is very caring towards any all beings. She also is very persistent, inquisitive, and analytical in her approach. It is those characteristics that define who she is and they are clearly reflected in the quality of her work. She first listens to your health complaints attentively without disregarding any word said, then she performs her thorough evaluation using several methods in an interesting and informative manner so you can sit back, relax and participate in the thinking process with her. Having an engineering education makes it easy for her to correlate her findings with the givens in a systematic fashion, presenting to you a simplified explanation of what might be the major issues and makes suggestions accordingly. She takes the trust patients put into her seriously and responsibly, giving back to them her utmost and sincere dedication with compassion. Her attention to detail
and her strong intuition constitute yet some of her additional attributes that come in handy in problem-solving situations.  Her mission is to achieve homeostasis for you by addressing the main systemic issues, making a turnaround in a remarkably short period of time in most cases.  Rest assured that she does not give up when going gets tough; on the contrary, she loves challenge. Each individual matters to her; for her no patient is just a mere number. She always puts the patient first. Having a background of multiple cultures and having traveled and mingled with numerous diverse ethnicity people, she has a worldly air to her and can work easily with any group. Patients with difficult to solve cases travel from allover the country to be seen by her, thanks to referrals from other patients.
Combining all of those qualities with his friendly and charming personality makes the patients’ experience unique and pleasant; above all they walk out with outstanding results. Only if you try you will realize that his approach to getting you well is quick and easy.