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    •Abdominal Discomfort •Applied Kinesiology •Auto Accidents/Injuries •Back Pain •Balancing Immune System •Bio-feedback testing •Blood work •Carpel Tunnel •Chiropractic •Chronic Conditions •Chronic Fatigue •Cranio-Sacral Work •Cramping •Customized Homeopathic/Herbal Remedies •Detoxification •Digestive Problems •Enzyme Therapy •Face/Tongue/Nail Analysis •Fatigue •Fibromyalgia •Food Sensitivities •Frequency Treatments •Fungus/Mold •Hair Analysis •Hormonal issues •Libido issues
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•Light therapy •Lymes Disease/Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever testing •Malabsorption issues •Massage therapy •Micro Current Treatment •NAET •Neck Pain •Nutritional evaluation and advice •Oral Chelation •Pain Syndromes/ Sciatica •Palpation of reflex points •PH Testing •Respiratory Issues/ Discomfort •Sensitivities to airborne inhalants and to foods •Sinus Issues (chronic/acute) •Skin Issues •Sleep difficulties/ Insomnia •Sprains •Sugar issues •Thyroid Testing •TMJ issues •Whiplash injuries •Zone Diet